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The Forward 3 's Wild Event
Team Members
Heather Lockhart
Fiona Reardon
Susannah Brown

WildHearts is a charity that funds micro-loans and business training to people in the developing world, enabling them to work their own way out of poverty. In the UK we stimulate enterprise education and help people to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Charity Registration: SC037072
Fundraiser: The Forward 3 Event : WildHearts WolfTrek 2011
My Charity: WildHearts Date: 04/08/2012
Hi all, We are taking part in a crazy 45-mile, 24hr trek (how do we get ourselves involved in things like this!) to raise funds for WildHearts (an amazing Scottish charity) and would love to have your support!  WildHearts is a charity that provides micro-loans and business training to people in the developing world, enabling them to work their own way out of poverty and support their families and communities.  Once one micro-loan recipient repays their loan, that money is then lent out to another member of their community.  Our fundraising will be re-lent for years to come, so by sponsoring us now you will continue to help more people work their way out of poverty every year.  You will transform their lives beyond all recognition and your money will be recycled up to three times a year, every year, creating a lasting legacy.  WildHearts micro-clients also receive health advice, AIDS/HIV awareness training and advice on saving and planning for the future. I know times are tough but donating a couple of quid will help us make a difference. 

You can find out more about WildHearts at www.wildheartsinaction.org and can also receive videos, photos and news from WildHearts projects and events on Facebook and Twitter

You can sponsor me using your debit or credit card by clicking 'sponsor me now' below.  This is quick and simple so please go for it!

Thank you so much

PS If you’re a UK taxpayer please don’t forget to tick the gift aid box when making your donation. This will enable WildHearts Event to add a massive 25% to your donation without it costing you a penny.

Fundraising Target: £450.00 Sponsorship so far: £710.25

Progress Chart
My Sponsors
NameDateAmountGift AidComment
Melanie Brown 31/07/2011 £25.00 £6.25 C'mon Susi and the forward 3! You're braver than I am, 25k is my limit. Maybe next year.....
Kate Wilko 31/07/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Best of luck girls, I will be thinking of you all! K x
Peets 01/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Please don't be hating on me when i pass by you in my warm comfy car around 3am! Seriously girls, good luck, enjoy and i can't wait to see you! Lots of love xxx
The Waddsies 02/08/2011 £50.00 £12.50 Good Luck Susie and the Forward 3s. x
Christine Lockhart 02/08/2011 £50.00 £0.00 Enjoy!!!
Eileen Drummond 02/08/2011 £50.00 £12.50 Good Luck and stay safe!
Lisa Greenan 02/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Go Broooon!! xx
Beth Dickens 03/08/2011 £20.25 £5.06 That's 15p per mile per person - hope that helps keeps you going through the night - you're all totally crazy!!!
Calum 03/08/2011 £30.00 £7.50 ah, H - you're mad... Two tips - take your i-pod and painkillers (handfulls of them) - enjoy :-)
Julie Murray 04/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Wow that's some challenge! Good luck ladies, will be thinking of you! xxx
S Gill 04/08/2011 £60.00 £15.00 Excellent effort ladies and for a great cause. Get stocked up with blister plasters!!
Kirsty Stewart 04/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Whoop whoop good for you girls! xx
Jo Milton 05/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50
Catherine Gash 05/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Good luck! x
Kirsty Meredith 05/08/2011 £30.00 £7.50 Good luck you 3. Hope you get some chance to enjoy the beautiful highland scenery and aren't in too much pain!
Fraser and Vikki 05/08/2011 £50.00 £12.50 Good luck Susie!!
Miranda King 06/08/2011 £25.00 £6.25 Good luck girls !!!
Clare Brown 06/08/2011 £50.00 £12.50 Onward and upward! Good luck Susie Love MumX
Mel Bowie 06/08/2011 £25.00 £6.25 Good luck. Hope the weather holds out.
Jo Haughey 08/08/2011 £5.00 £1.25 Really well done girls!
Joyce Hay 08/08/2011 £5.00 £1.25 Go girls
Russell Belding 08/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Congrats on Finishing! Rather you than me :-)
Ian Ashwood 08/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Well done Fiona..........did wonder why you were only "semi-mobile" this morning :-)
Joan Mackie 08/08/2011 £15.00 £3.75 Best of luck girls and enjoy the experience.
Ursula Stammers 08/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Good luck and look after those sore feet!
Lauren Corlett 08/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Well done girls. Sorry the donation is late, just wanted to make sure you completed it first!! That or I'm just a bit forgetful XXX
Wilma Kyle 08/08/2011 £20.00 £5.00 Well done...hope you enjoyed the walk :0)
Hazel Reardon 08/08/2011 £10.00 £0.00 It bet every blister bound step was worth it :) xxx
Irene Kennedy 12/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50
Andrew McKenzie 12/08/2011 £20.00 £5.00 Well done Fiona - I'm sure the feet and body is feeling a whole lot better now . . . .
Jon & Avs 22/08/2011 £10.00 £2.50 Well done to The Forward 3! Now that's what I call an alternative Saturday night x
Douglas Lockhart 26/08/2011 £20.00 £5.00 Belated well done to the three of you! Great effort!
Kandy 27/08/2011 £20.00 £0.00 Well done Heather and the other forwards!
Total donated online £710.25 Total donated offline £0.00 Reclaimed Gift Aid £157.56 *Total Raised £710.25
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